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Time for our quarterly newsletter and much has happened since our last update. We have now reached the end of 2018 and for some it’s been a tough year in the real estate industry.

You need to plan for 2019!

What’s new at iSiKolo in 2019?

  1. Monthly Motivational coffee breaks: we offer short 2 hour sessions that address relevant topics usually presented by Salma which will assist real estate practitioners in their daily activities. Please like our Facebook page to receive updates. We had over 500 people attend our sessions this year. You receive a certificate of attendance for CPD and logbook purposes.
  2. Tailor-made training sessions [non NQF4/5] related for corporate groups:  these will be launched in 2019.
  3. Expansion: we are expanding our footprint to Gauteng/Northern Cape/Eastern Cape/Mossel Bay in 2019.
  4. Accredited commercial and facilities qualification on NQF4 level: we have applied for extension of scope to offer the SAQA ID 97626- hopefully this will be finalised in the early part of 2019 – we plan to have our 1st intake in June 2019. This qualification is approved by the EAAB.

Further issues you need to take note of:   

1. CPD

2018:  complete the 2018 points before the end of 2018 [only a few days left] – do not fall behind and subject yourself to unnecessary stress. If you are technologically challenged or need assistance with the e tests- contact Berendine on we shall be offering full day workshops to this effect. The scheduled date is 14 December.  

However it is easy to do these tests online in your own free time. Remember: Interns do not enrol for CPD.

Interns who become full status agents enrol for CPD in the January following the achievement of their full status FFC. So if you achieved full status this year, you need to start with your CPD in 2019.

Full status agents/principals: CPD is regardless of age, achievement of qualification, completion of PDE


The compulsory intern logbook prescribed by the EAAB for all interns who were registered on or after 1 January 2013:  the logbook on the EAAB profile of interns is not active yet. Interns are still expected to deliver their completed files to either the Johannesburg offices or Cape Town offices of the EAAB.

The logbooks should be handed in from the 13th month after date of 1st FFC but not later than 24 Months. Why 24 months? The EAAB requires that interns complete their qualifications and logbook within a 24 month period after date of issue of 1st FFC.

If you are battling with the compilation of your logbook- please contact us on – we offer monthly compilation workshops to assist you and ensure the logbook meets the EAAB requirements- you don’t wish it to be rejected by the EAAB.



This refers to agents who have had an intern status for more than 3 years. You can be sure that the EAAB will be clamping down soon. You need to obtain your qualification and write your PDE to become a full status agent.  I refer to regulation 633 that was passed in 2008 already and the practice notes of the EAAB regarding interns.  Many of you are transgressing this regulation on a daily basis when you draft or complete an agreement of lease/mandate/agreement of sale and you’re not in the presence of a full status agent or a principal. Contact Nantes at for more information. Some of you need to fastback your qualification via the RPL method. Contact Nantes at for more information.

  1. FFC

Many FFC’s have not been issued due to the EAAB having blocked the principal’s profile due to non-compliance of the CPD requirements or perhaps your own non-compliance of the CPD requirements. Kindly note that whilst your FFC has not been issued- for whatever reason- you are acting/operating illegally which could have dire consequences on your right to commission.


All kinds of new rules apply here and differ from case to case, i.e. if your last FFC was issued more than 10 years ago, the EAAB will more than likely register you as an intern again. A further example; if you had a few years break of service and did not achieve your qualification – the EAAB will expect you to provide them with proof of your enrolment with a training provider before they issue your FFC. So different strokes for different folks- if in doubt please contact us and we will try to assist. . You will more than likely have to obtain your qualifications via the RPL method- please contact us for assistance.

  1. PDE  The EAAB has made the dates available for the February 2019 exam.  Booking for this exam only opens in January. Be sure to book early as many people were turned away in November due to the venues being full. We offer our usual preparation workshops for these exams. Our classes for this exam will commence in January 2018. For more information contact Berendine on
  1. RPL                                                                                                                                                                               

There has been much said about this in the last few months. RPL for real estate lies in the proof of experience and expertise in the real estate industry. If one views the regulation 633- 6.1 on page 6- it clearly states that in a real estate context RPL pertains to existing agents at the time of the regulation being promulgated. Interns are serving an internship to become real estate professionals.

In a nutshell- if you can prove your expertise in the property industry, can provide evidence that you have been sufficiently trained and are knowledgeable on all aspects of real estate, you can apply for the completion of the qualification via this method. The training provider will perform checks to ascertain whether you are eligible for the programme.


There is never a good time to start like the present. The EAAB expect all interns to complete their logbooks and full training within 24 months. The logbook can only be handed in from the 13th month onwards. So why not start with the qualification in January? This will empower the intern with knowledge which they can put into practice. It will ensure the full status agents receive their renewal FFC’s. As said before the EAAB are going to be zero tolerant with practitioners who do not achieve the minimum education standards.

NQF5: you cannot become a principal unless you have the NQF5 qualification – so invest in your future and complete the qualification. Many agents realize with a shock that they have to wait 12 months to complete their qualification before they can actually open up their real estate company- legitimately registered with the EAAB.

  1. CLOSURE DATES      

The EAAB will be closing from 21 December 2018 to 2 January 2019.

Our office will be closing on 20 December and will reopen on Tuesday 8 January 2019.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

You can contact Nantes on or 082 533 1707 for more information.

At iSiKolo real estate training is our passion. If you have any related enquiries please contact us? Please like our Facebook page to receive regular Facebook updates.

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