NQF 4 Real Estate Full Intern Programme

At iSiKolo we believe in guiding the Intern Agents through the qualification process by offering experienced advice and guidance in our facilitation workshops.  Our facilitators all have real estate experience and all hold real estate qualifications.  The course is completed over a 36 week period which includes 9 workshop sessions in total.  This affords the Intern Agents the time to study and work simultaneously, allowing them to earn an income whilst completing their qualification.

All newcomers to the industry must serve a compulsory one year internship under the active supervision of a principal estate agent or a full status agent/ mentor (who have held a valid full status FFC for 3 or more continuous years).

The candidate/ intern agent must also complete the educational requirements as prescribed by the EAAB.

During the internship period the candidate/ intern agent must complete the mandatory EAAB Logbook and on the completion of the internship period the Logbook must be submitted to the EAAB for verification.

Once the educational requirements have been met and the intern agents’ logbook has been accepted by the EAAB, the EAAB will permit the agent to enrol for the Professional Designation Examination.

It is important to note that the compulsory internship period serves the purpose to assist the new learner to obtain practical and theoretical training as an estate agent, no matter what qualifications the newcomer may hold.


Considering a career in real estate?

iSiKolo now offers evening classes for industry newcomers who would like to pursue a real estate qualification for future use.

Contact Nantes le Roux for more information on 082 533 1707 or email info@isikolo.net

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