From the pen of iSiKolo

Dear Client

Here are some of the old and new issues we need to take cognisance of:

1.     CPD


·         If full status agents/principals fail to register for CPD and acquire their points over a 3 year period they can be disqualified and not receive a FFC for the following year

·         Interns do not enrol for CPD

·         No exemption can be obtained from CPD

·         Remember all eLearning tests must be done by December 2019

Coffee breaks: we offer these 1-2 hour sessions every quarter. Topics cover the wider spectrum of challenges that real estate practitioners face,

Attendees receive certificates of attendance.

For more information; send an email to

Principals/Mentors: It’s an ideal opportunity to bring your team for a quick uplifting motivation and educational session. Costs vary between R50-R200 per person depending on the length of the workshop.


This situation remains the same.

·         The proposed online logbook via the MyEAAB profile is not fully active as yet. Hence everyone must still work with the hard copy version.

·         Completed logbooks can only be submitted 12 month after date of first FFC being issued.

·         They must be submitted from month 13, but not later than month 24.

·         The logbook is hard evidence of the practical interaction with the theory and practice of real estate. It must be current [hence not older than 24 months].

Note: it’s no use rushing off this logbook in the 1st few months of being an intern- there is a reason why the internship period is at least 12 months- interns have to gain experience in their 1st year.

At iSiKolo we offer a one day logbook compilation workshop- please contact for more details or phone our office and speak to Berendine.


NQF4: internsare to complete their qualification in their first 12 months of registration. This can be done simultaneously with their logbook.  In fact it is advisable to start with the qualification first and then compile the logbook as you go. This will avoid duplication of many tasks.

Contact Nantes on 082 533 1707 or email for more information on our intern programme.

Full status agents can fast track their qualification via the RPL method.

NQF5: all current principals must obtain this soonest [if they haven’t done so already]. We’ve known about this requirement for 11 years now. New principals have to achieve both their level 4 and 5 qualifications.

·         The entry level for the full training of NQF5 only requires a completed NQF4; real estate qualification.

·         You don’t need to be a principal to obtain this qualification if you attend facilitated sessions.  Start working on your future.

·         If you wish to acquire the qualification via the RPL route, you need substantial evidence of management experience in a real estate context.

For more information contact Nantes on 082 533 1707 or

Certain degrees can exempt you from obtaining the qualification- the EAAB matrix must be perused and only the EAAB can grant an exemption – no training provider has the authority to do so anymore. If uncertain please send me an email and I will peruse your qualifications free of charge with no obligation for you to enrol with us-

4.     Historic agents re-joining the industry after a hiatus

A new practice notice ETD02/2019 of 26 June 2019 has been published by the EAAB.

The summary is as follows:

Left during or before 2008 calendar year

•       Will be issued with intern FFC

•       12 month internship will apply

ü  Logbook after 13th month

ü  NQF4 within 12 months after re-registration

ü  PDE4 within 18 months after re-registration

ü  Failure to adhere: no FFC in following year

Left during or after 2009 calendar year 

•       Will be issued with FFC similar to status of last FFC held with EAAB

•       Must obtain relevant qualification pertaining to their FFC status

•       Must obtain PDE within 18 months after readmission

•       Failing to adhere: no FFC in following year

5.     PDE


ü  interns should take the exam in the 2nd year after date of 1st registration, i.e. months 13-24, but only after their logbook has been submitted and accepted by the EAAB- they receive a formal letter from the EAAB to confirm compliance. They also need their NQF4 SSeta certificate of compliance.

o     Hence interns should not wait to embark on their qualifications after the logbook has been done as this prolongs the internship period. The 2 must be done simultaneously.

ü  Full status agents:  they need to complete the exam as soon as they have received their qualification [unless they were exempt i.t.o. the 2003-2008 ruling]

ü  Prospective principals; must have completed the PDE4 exam before they can become principals.


ü  only current principals need to do this exam [unless they were exempt i.t.o. the 2003- 2008 ruling]

ü  new principals must take the exam within the 1st 24 months after receiving a principal FFC

ü  No one else but principals, can write the PDE5.

Last exam for 2019 will be held on Thursday 21 November- bookings not open as yet.


We now offer facilitated sessions in the following areas:


       Durbanville; main venue


       Pinelands: IEASA


       Mossel Bay/George


       Port Elizabeth


       Gauteng- on request

Note: We also facilitate sessions at venues requested by corporate groups of 10 people or more. For more information contact Nantes on 082 533 1707 or


There are many unclaimed NQF4/5 certificates at our offices.  Please contact Lana, our SSeta liaison officer . Many people change their email addresses and don’t advise us accordingly.

·         We now have a 3-6 months turnaround time for certificates!


This is on the desk of Mr Ramaphosa and awaiting signature. This will have a huge impact on our industry as we know it.

We are part of a regulated industry. You need to obtain your qualifications and meet the requirements laid down by the regulator.  Or else – no FFC. Don’t wait for a warning from the EAAB- act now- you cannot compromise your income.

Finally, we wish to thank everyone for their continued support.

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