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All estate agents and principals who held a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate on 15 July 2008, are required by law, to achieve a formal Real Estate Qualification at NQF Level 4 (non-principal agents) and NQF Level 5 (principal agents), if they want to legally practice as estate agents in South Africa.

These qualifications are acquired either via the Recognition of Prior Learning method OR by completing the full qualification course as approved by Services Seta and prescribed by the EAAB.

iSiKolo offers these courses as either full courses with workshop sessions OR RPL via correspondence. Please view our full portfolio of courses below.

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Our passion is producing well trained, professional and qualified estate agents to the industry.

Our Portfolio Includes:

Newcomers to the real estate industry

All newcomers to the industry must serve a compulsory one year internship under the active supervision of a principal estate agent or a full status agent/ mentor (who have held a valid full status FFC for 3 or more continuous years).

The candidate/ intern agent must also complete the educational requirements as prescribed by the EAAB.

During the internship period the candidate/ intern agent must complete the mandatory EAAB Logbook and on the completion of the internship period, the Logbook must be submitted to the EAAB for verification.

Once the educational requirements have been met and the intern agents’ logbook has been accepted by the EAAB, the EAAB will permit the agent to enrol for the Professional Designation Examination.

It is important to note that the compulsory internship period serves the purpose to assist the new learner to obtain practical and theoretical training as an estate agent, no matter what qualifications the newcomer may hold.

Estate agents wanting to own a Real Estate Company

Should you want to register your own estate agency enterprise, you will need to be registered as a full status agent first.

The following conditions should be satisfied before the EAAB will issue an agent with a full status FFC:

  • The 12 continuous months of compulsory internship under the active supervision of a principal or mentor (full status agent with a valid full status FFC for 3 or more years)
  • EAAB logbook has been submitted and accepted by the EAAB
  • EAAB prescribed educational requirements have been met (NQF Level 4 certificate or Further Education and Training Certificate in Real Estate)
  • EAAB Professional Designation Exam (PDE4) has been passed

Once all of the above conditions have been met, you can register to complete your NQF 5 course, to become a principal agent.

Once you have completed the NQF Level 5 and have been issued with a Services SETA certificate, you can apply to the EAAB for a principal FFC, if you are a member of a registered legal entity.

Once the principal FFC has been issued, you may apply to write the PDE 5, which is a qualification examination.

Considering a career in real estate?

iSiKolo now offers evening classes for industry newcomers who would like to pursue a real estate qualification for future use.

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